Crave it Save it

CraveitSaveit is a limited edition make-up brand for make-up addicts. Mostly girls buy make-up like it is candy, once they have it.. They save it like it’s a trophy. Women collect limited products until it is large enough to call it a ‘stash’. Next thing they do is, showing their stashes on the internet.. the bigger the better..

Every other day a sneakpeak reveals on the blog. The posts are mostly inspiration or product sketches from that weeks limited product. At the end of the week the product is released and is limited available at the Craveitsaveit-store. 

Crave it stands for ‘to-die-for-factor’of the make-up products, women crave collections for months. Once it is available they will sleep in front of the stores get the product they want, before it is sold out. 

– Vivianne van Buren 0833875Afbeelding